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Rural Tourim

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Pontes Village

Pontes is a deserted village in Castro Laboreiro, the heart of Peneda Gerês National Park.


Last people abandoned Aldeia de Pontes 15 years ago, because they were just 2 women and they were afraid of the robberies, so they chose to live in their other house in the heigh zone of Castro Laboreiro. Because it is usual in Castro Laboreiro people have 2 houses, one in the heigh zone of Castro Laboreiro at 1200 meters heigh over the sea, for the spring, the summer and the autumn  and other in the low zone of Castro Laboreiro at 700 meters height over the sea to live in the winter months.


In the middle of the last century when Pontes had more people, Pontes had 7 families and around 30 people, the main activities was the shepherd, the agriculture (potato and rye), the beekeeping and the men seasonally emigrate for Spain or France. Like another's small villages in our country, on the 90s and 2000s the people stars to leave Aldeia de Pontes to study to find work in the cities and the elders die, so the number of people in Pontes starts to decrease.


In Aldeia the Pontes it was usual for people to make the things in community, so we have a community threshing floor, a community mill, a community oven and people helped each other on the more small tasks, because the times were hard and the land wasn’t rich or productive.


Our project consists in giving back life to this small village, taking advantage from the past and adapting to the current times, but always with care to preserve our culture and the natural sustainability.

Our activity consists in three things, beekeeping, the shepherd and rural tourism.


Things to do in Pontes Village

Our goal is to provide our guests with a peaceful stay that allows them to discover the most beautiful places in the Peneda Gerês National Park



We have 7 tracks that start in our village, tracks for all the ages and for all the difficulties.

Outdoor barbecue

All of our houses have an exclusive outdoor barbecue for each house.

Activities with Montes de Laboreiro


Cannioning, abseiling, tree climbing, jeep tours and much more with our tourism animation partners

River and Waterfalls


Waterfalls and the Laboreiro River just 400 meters from our village.. At 3km the lagoons of Assureira.

Historical Heritage

Castro Laboreiro Castle, Cavada Velha Bridge, Castro Laboreiro Museum and its historic center.

Pets accepted


We accept in our houses all animals that live daily at home with their owners


All of our houses have a fireplace. In winter we provide firewood for the stay.

Alvarinho Wine Soalheiro
Wine tasting and guided tours of the vineyards and production of Alvarinho Soalheiro wine
Discover the Peneda Gerês National Park
Through short trips by car you can travel in less than 30 minutes to the most emblematic points of the Peneda Gerês National Park



Places to visit

Castro Laboreiro Castle


In the village of Castro Laboreiro 4 km from Pontes Village. Here you will have a 360º panoramic view over the Castro Laboreiro territory

Cavada Velha Bridge


In the village of Assureira 3km from Pontes Village , a Roman bridge with 2 arches, framed in a fabulous natural scenery.

Castro Laboreiro Museum


In the village of Castro Laboreiro, 4 km from Pontes Village, you can find out more about the rich history of Castro Laboreiro

Peneda Sanctuary


21 km from Pontes Village, is a natural setting of rare beauty.

Lobios Hot Springs


In Spain, 16 km from Pontes Village, a place to relax in the thermal waters of Lobios.

Melgaço Village

30 km from Pontes Village the village of Melgaço with its Castle, the Hot Springs of Melgaço and the radial  Rafting in  Minho River

Door of Lamas de Mouro of the Peneda Gerês National Park

15 km from the Pontes Village, have a general perspective on the Fauna and Flora of the PNPG

Lindoso's Granaries

30 km from Pontes Village you can discover the Lindoso Castel and its beautiful surroundings where its centuries-old granaries stand out.


40 km from Pontes Village you can discover the Gerês Village, Visit the fantastic Waterfalls of Portela do Homem and Mata da Albergaria.

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Discover the National Park

We are located in the heart of Peneda Gerês National Park, the ideal place to rest in absolute peace

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