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As we like to say "our product is Nature", one of the reasons is that we have 7 tracks starting from Pontes Village.

- The circular Pontes Village track:

With about 2km, it starts at Pontes Village, follows the Laboreiro river, passes through 2 windmills and some very nice wells for a swim, passes through the Contador well, at the Pontes Aqueduct and returns to the village. Easy difficulty.


- The Waterfall  tack:

Round trip is 1.8km. Leaving Pontes Village you will pass the Aqueduct and then turning left, just follow the signs. A very photogenic and pleasant place for a swim. Easy difficulty.

- The Bridge da Cava da Velha Track:

Round trip is about 4km. Leaving Pontes Village, just follow the left side of the Laboreiro river upstream, until you find this bridge that is one of the most emblematic monuments of Castro Laboreiro. A place of unique beauty and good for a swim. Easy difficulty.

- The Mountain Goat track:

Round trip is about 8km. Leaving the Pontes Village towards the neighboring place of Ameijoeira, right next to the border there is a path on land, going up about 2km you will find the marsh of Ameijoeira, natural habitat of Mountain Goat. Easy difficulty.

- The first stage of the Grand Route of the Peneda Gerês National Park:

Connects the Pontes Village to the village of Castro Laboreiro, 7.5km. Very well marked and of easy difficulty.

- The Fechas do Malho Tracks:

Round trip about 14 km. Leaving Pontes Villagde, it follows the river Laboreiro downstream, practically until it joins the waters of the Lindoso dam. Of difficult difficulty.

- The Castrejo track:

Circular track, about 20km. Leaving Pontes Village you have to go to Cava da Velha bridge to start this fantastic circular track, which goes through secular sidewalks, fantastic oak trees, Roman bridges and much more. This track offers a comprehensive overview of Castro Laboreiro territory. Trail of medium difficulty but of great extension.

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